Our Story

Over the past 100 years, sportswear and sneakers have constantly evolved becoming more and more luxurious and now walking right out of the game and into everyday life. Unfortunately, the fitness bag was somehow left in the stone ages to stay the same forever.

So what are you to do when you look like a million bucks but your designer handbag stands out like high heels on a tennis court and your only other options remind you more of reusable grocery bags than runway worthy accessories?

You Take Fashion to a New Level.

The N11 by Nevele11 is your ultimate athleisure companion. This designer gym bag is perfectly fitted for the office, gym, and your next last-minute adventure. Polished silver hardware and cruelty-free vegan leather exotic skins are equally as Eye-Catching as the real thing while keeping the functionality and durability of Nevele11's Long Lost Neanderthal Relatives.

Why be last year's perfect ten when you can be this year's 11?

Nevele11 is dedicated to producing the most fashionable and functional fitness bags while only using cruelty-free materials in our designs. N11 is a 100% Vegan Brand.


Luxury Style. Vegan Durability. N11.