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Designer Gym Bags

If you are a workout buff who also doubles as a fashion lover, then owning a designer gym bag should not be a new idea to you. With a bag that answers to both your aesthetic and functional needs, you can make workout sessions fun, convenient, and a lot more productive. The luxury bag industry has come a long way. Previously predominated by leather designs, it finally seems to have bowed to the vegan creed. Yes, you can now look stylish without having an animal killed for it. Better yet, you do not need to break the bank for that voguish look. If you have been craving rocking designer gym bags without flying in the face of your veganism, then this is the perfect time to step out.

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Why Designer Gym Bags?

When looking for a gym bag, you want something that can enfold every equipment and attire you need for both your prep and gym sessions. It should be sizeable and well partitioned. Your trainers, towel, and pants should have a separate pocket, and so should your protein powder and mouthwash. Jamming everything in the same compartment is not only messy but also makes it hard to access stuff in your bag. You are also very likely to misplace items or forget to carry some essentials. Regardless of how often you go to the gym, you need a gym bag that lets you prepare for your exercise sessions with ease. More importantly, you need a bag that makes you stand out from the general run of gym-goers!

The Nevele11 designer gym bag is designed by some of the most experienced and revered designers in the US and bears a near-perfect combination of efficiency and elegance. Built entirely from vegan materials, the N11 is a gym prerequisite for any athlete or exercise enthusiast with a passion for fashion.

Why Vegan Gym Bags

Good question. It is no doubt that vegan designer gym bags are trending and you could be looking to buy one for that reason. But why else would you need a vegan bag?

Well, having heard from thousands of clients, we can assure you that the list of benefits of vegan bags is endless, and almost each one of our clients has their unique reason for choosing our designer gym bags. A well-known motivation behind the wildly increasing demand for vegan gym bags is the need to conserve the environment. Keeping animals for leather or food is a leading cause of global warming. Animals produce large amounts of methane daily, and millions of gallons of water are used on farms that grow animal food. Raising animals is also a primary culprit behind the growing cases of mass deforestation in developing countries.

The industrial processing of leather also largely relies on fossil fuel and other detrimental chemicals such as ammonia, chromium, and hydrogen sulfide. Some of these chemicals are carcinogenic and are incredibly hazardous to factory workers and people living around the factories.

That having been said, most people are opting for vegan products due to the increasing awareness of the cruelty that animals go through in abattoirs and factory farms. By rocking that designer gym bag made entirely out of vegan materials, you are contributing to the higher course of ending animal cruelty without compromising your penchant for fashion.


You could be forgiven for thinking designer bags are any less functional than regular duffle bags. The sheer amount of effort dedicated to the design facet can be confusing, but rest assured you are not sacrificing function for flair. The enhanced appearance is much of an added advantage, and you can stash right about any gym accessory in your designer gym bag. Our Nevele11 bags are designed to carry the following items: water bottles, shoes, clothing, towels, accessories, beach gear, carry-on or travel items - just about anything for any purpose.

Are Luxury Gym Bags Water-Resistant?

This depends on several factors. One of them is the material used for the bag. Vegan leather is both water-resistant and stain-resistant. Designer gym bags meant to imitate genuine leather such as the N11 are most likely water-resistant. With your Nevele11 bag, you do not need to worry about a surprise rainstorm on your way to the gym or an accidental liquid spill on your bag.

How do I Clean My Luxury Gym Bag?

All your vegan leather bag is asking of you is an occasional wipe with a soft cloth, clean water, and soap. No more spending hundreds of dollars on getting your bag cleaned by a professional!

What Else Can I Use my Designer Gym Bag for?

One thing that gives luxury gym bags the edge over ordinary duffel bags is that you can still rock them outside of gym settings. Your choice of color and material should thus be made with every intended purpose in mind. If you are a frequent gym-goer, you need a sturdy yet light material such as vegan leather. Our N11 bag comes in a range of colors and materials to suit different preferences. Many of them can double up as sports and recreational gear, beach bags for the summer, or travel bags. That said, how you choose to use your designer gym bag is entirely a matter of individual conscience.