The World's Sexiest Designer Gym Bags

The World's Sexiest Designer Gym Bags

Nevele11 Designer Bags

The World's Sexiest Designer Gym Bags

The World's Sexiest Gym Bags


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The N11 by Nevele11 is your ultimate athleisure companion. These luxury gym bags are perfectly fitted for the office, gym, and your next last-minute adventure. Polished silver hardware and cruelty-free vegan leather exotic skins are equally as Eye-Catching as the real thing while keeping the functionality and durability of traditional gym bags.

Traditional gym bags are typically bland, unisex, and not fashionable. Our goal is to change that mentality when it comes to athletic bags. If your everyday handbag or purse is fashionable, why can't your gym bag match your style as well? Our bags are designed to show off your style while also giving you maximum durability and reliability. With our luxury gym bags, going to the gym doesn't have to be a bland experience!

Regardless of how often you go to the gym, you need a gym bag that lets you prepare for your exercise sessions with ease. More importantly, you need a bag that makes you stand out from the general run of gym-goers! Built entirely from vegan materials, the N11 is a gym prerequisite for any athlete or exercise enthusiast with a passion for fashion.

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